Striped Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake Project

Striped Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake Project

In May 2015, I was interested in getting back into keeping Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnakes. After posting something on a Facebook, Jonel Lopez of Selective Propagations messaged me to show me four snakes that he had available for sale. Two snakes were the typical looking Type II knoblochi (higher sides with speckling). The other two snakes looked like Type III knoblochi (low sides, low black). Without any additional details, I jumped on the chance to purchase the snakes and soon had them in my possession. After I got the snakes home, Jonel sent me over the lineage information for the four snakes. The two Type III looking animals were siblings from the breeding of a partially striped male to a female from Jonel’s megaband line. After I found this out, I couldn’t have been happier and thought it would be an interesting project.


The “family tree” to show the basis for founding the Hill Herp Striped Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnake project. Photos of Sire and Dam are courtesy of Jonel Lopez of Selective Propagations.

Project Information and Our Goals

When I found out that this pair of snakes had some sort of striped genetics I read up on the little information available on striped knoblochi. After reading a few old thread on, I had basically come to the conclusion that the striped animals that were produced by Troy Whitacre were the result of selective line breeding. That considered, the pair I have would have still had some remnants of that line breeding, so I decided that I will try line breeding the two siblings back to each other to see if any signs of striped animals show. In 2016, Jonel Lopez produced a dead-in-egg striped knoblochi by breeding the sire of my pair back to one of his daughters. This would lead me to believe that the stripe may be a recessive trait instead of a line bred trait. Oddly, not a lot of information remains for the Troy Whitacre line of striped animals, so this is all still a guess. The only way to find out is to breed my snakes. My animals are either striped line-bred line snakes that have been diluted by a breeding to the megaband line female OR they are heterozygous for the striped trait. I will keep this page updated as I learn more about the project. Thanks for your interest.