Red Milksnakes

Red Milk Snake

(Lampropeltis triangulum syspila)

The Red Milk Snake (lampropeltis triangulum syspila) is a small colorful milk snake from the mid-west area of the United States of America. These snakes typically only reach 18″ to 24″ at adulthood. They prefer to be relatively secluded and spend most of their time hiding; however, they are typically docile when handled.

I first started keeping red milk snakes around 2010, but the few that I kept were sold when I decided to step away from reptile keeping in 2012. I always thought red milks were pretty snakes, so these were some of the first snakes I picked up when I got back into reptile keeping.

My goals for this project consist of just producing more red Milksnakes. Of course, I would love to see offspring with bright red but I will take what I get.