Greybanded Kingsnakes

Grey-banded King Snakes

(Lampropeltis alterna)


Grey-banded King Snakes (Lampropeltis alterna) are a highly variable species of king snake with one thing in common throughout the varieties is the grey. The smaller kingsnakes tend to only grow to around 3 feet in length and have a somewhat shy but docile temperament. Grey banded kingsnakes are usually divided into two classes: Blair Phase and Alterna Phase. Blair Phase is noticeable by orange bands while alterna phase tends to lack orange in large quantities. Each phase can also be broken down into dark and light types. Grey-banded kingsnakes are commonly kept on a detailed locality basis.

My breeding group consists of dark Blair phase snakes from the W. Langtry, Texas Locale. The three siblings were produced by Glenn Lewis in 2014.  These three have a diverse lineage. Their sire and dame were clutch mates that were produced in 2011 by Keith Carlson. The grand-sire was produced from a wild caught dark phase animal that was collected by Eric Timeaus west of Langtry, Texas. The grand-sire was owned by Colin Smith and he did a breeding loan with Keith Carlson. The grand-dame was a light phase Blair’s from Dan Johnson’s West Langtry Line.

My goal with this project is to line breed for high black and high band count. Since my group of three are siblings, I am on the lookout for additional dark W. Langtry locality grey-bands. If you have some high black W. Langtry grey-bands, let me know.