Terms of Live Reptile Sales

Terms of Live Reptile Sales

Hill Herp, LLC guarantees that our reptiles are healthy and properly identified. We guarantee that all reptiles are sexed properly unless  noted as unsexed animals. Hill Herp is committed to providing you with the service that you deserve as a valued customer.  We want your business experience with us to be positive and successful. If you are not 100% satisfied or notice any problems with your animals, please contact us via our Contact Page within the first 48 hours. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about your purchase.

Live Reptile Shipping Terms

Reptiles can be shipped to your location for a standard fee. Hill Herp, LLC utilizes ShipYourReptiles.com as it’s primary live animal shipping service provider.  To view the shipping service terms of ShipYourReptiles.com terms and condition click here. General shipping rates are approximately $50.00 – $75.00 based on the destination location. If you would like, you can check possible shipping rates by clicking on the banner below:

If you want to save time, send us your zip code and expected purchase and we will be glad to supply a shipping quote. Hill Herp, LLC. does not ship if the temperature is below 32° F as a night time low in the destination city. We must be notified of ANY reptiles that are dead on arrival and proper photographic evidence of the lost reptiles must be presented with 24 hours of the receipt of the shipment. All guarantees on shipments are void if no one is present to sign for the package. If you have any questions concerning shipping feel free to contact us through our contact page or email daniel@hillherp.com.

Live Reptile Payment Terms

Payment is to be made in full prior to shipping by way of personal check, bank check, money order, etc. We also accept VISA and Mastercard via PayPal.com. Personal checks and money orders must clear our bank before shipment takes place. Payment plans are available. If a deposit is placed for a reptile, the deposit amount is non-refundable, but can be transferred into credit towards future purchases. All credit card cancellations are subject to a 10% fee to cover our cost of transaction expenses!

Sales Guarantees and Conflict Resolution

At Hill Herp, we understand that sometimes unintended errors, omissions and issues occur when captive reptiles are concerned. These guarantees are only applicable to the original purchaser and are not transferable. To prevent any problems from becoming uncivil, as part of the terms of purchase Hill Herp agrees to take the following actions if an common issues are determined to be the fault of Hill Herp, LLC:

1. If reptile purchased Hill Herp, LLC has been incorrectly sexed or identified, the purchase shall have the following options:

  • 100% reimbursement of the reptile purchase price and shipping cost. In order to receive 100% reimbursement, the purchaser must provide a copy of the original purchase documentation and original animal must be returned to Hill Herp, LLC.
  • 50% reimbursement of the reptile purchase price. In order to receive 50% reimbursement, he purchaser must provide a copy of the original purchase documentation and provide a notarized and signed affidavit from the purchaser stating the reason for the return.
  • Provision of a reptile of equal or lesser value of the original purchase. In order to receive a replacement reptile, a notarized and signed affidavit must be provided by the purchaser stating the reason for the return.

2.  If the issue resulted in an animal illness within 1 week of purchase, Hill Herp, LLC will reimburse 100% of the documented costs related to the medical treatment of the purchased reptile under the condition that Hill Herp, LLC is notified prior to the treatment. Hill Herp, LLC reserves all rights to request a notarized affidavit signed by the attending veterinarian and/or request a secondary medical evaluation. Hill Herp, LLC shall not assume responsibility for any additional ill animals in the purchaser’s collection. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that proper reptile collection quarantine procedures are followed for new acquisitions. Failure to notify Hill Herp, LLC within 24 hours of initial concern and prior to any treatments will result in the heath guarantee becoming null and void.

3. If the issue results in an animal death, Hill Herp, LLC will reimburse 100% of the documented purchase and shipping price related to the animal under the condition Hill Herp, LLC is notified within 24 hours of the death and proof of the reptile’s death can be provided by the purchaser.

Information about Live Reptile Ordering

For more information regarding anything you see on the Hill Herp website or to place an order, please contact us via phone, e-mail or standard mail.

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