About Hill Herp


Hill Herp is a full spectrum herpetology and herpetoculture related business. Reptiles and amphibians are wonderful creatures so I decided it was about time I create a business that revolves around them. My name is Daniel Hill and in 2017 I founded Hill Herp in order to focus on one issue: The interaction between reptiles and people. From encounters in the wild to captive pets, reptiles and people can interact on numerous occasions. The goal of Hill Herp is to make the interaction between people and reptiles function positively for both parties.

snake removal

Sometimes snakes slither their way into places they are not wanted. This rat snake wondered into a cooled storage area of a local business. Since the snake is harmless and can help control nuisance rodents, it was relocated to somewhere else on the property out of the way of business activities.

One of my favorite activities is to search for wild reptiles and amphibians for observation and photography. Field herpetology can be an enjoyable outdoor activity and I spend a great deal of time outdoors looking for reptiles.  Eventually, I would like to develop the business into wild reptile conservation activities. At the time, our current services and products related to reptiles include wild reptile photography. Until we can develop the additional services, we will share our herping activities and photographs on our field herpetology page.

Herpetoculture is the keeping of live reptiles and amphibians in captivity. While snakes, lizards and turtles may not be everyone’s idea of pets, over 2 million Americans have pet reptiles. At Hill Herp, I keep a small collection of reptiles as part of a captive breeding program. My philosophy concerning captive reptiles is that increased captive breeding of reptiles reduces the demand placed on wild reptiles due to the pet trade. We work with select reptiles in order to supply excellent alternative pets. We pride ourselves on caring for and producing top quality reptiles. If you would like to see what I am keeping, you can go to the collection page or stop by our shop to see if I have any snakes available for sale.