4th of July Weekend 2016

Last year, my 4th of July trip to Tensas National Wildlife Refuge and Big Lake Wildlife Management Area was probably one of my most epic trips. I was hoping for the same this year, but the hot dry weather this year didn’t make for many snake sightings. I had went the whole weekend without seeing a single snake when I spotted this milk snake crossing the road during a fishing trip. Now, I still refer to this snake as a Louisiana Milk Snake even though it is now been reclassified as part of another species. I grew up calling them Louisiana Milksnakes, so it is hard to break the habit. This guy was missing the end of his tail and it looked pretty nasty. These snakes are pretty secretive and I rarely see them. The snake is mixed in the background in the habitat photo below….look hard. Red is such an unnatural color to me in the woods, but after a second of turning my back…the snake was gone. Made my trip.


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