Pyro Eggs – Fail. Knoblochi Breeding – Fail.

My female Arizona Mountain Kingsnake laid a clutch of eggs. I was excited at first, but quickly realized something wasn’t right. A few hours passed but she seemed unable to pass the final egg. The first two eggs were not fertile which causes a higher chance of the female becoming egg bound. I decided to give her a while to see if she could pass the egg. She successfully passed the last egg a few days later.

I was pretty disappointed that the eggs weren’t fertile, but glad I didn’t lose the female because of it. Maybe my male pyro isn’t fertile, maybe I didn’t cool himlow enough to produce viable sperm….or maybe it was just bad luck. I will try again next year. The pair is 8 years old and this was their first time breeding.

In addition, my knoblochi female never show signs of carrying eggs so I do not think that the young male got the job done. He got some experience though, so hopefully next year. That makes not eggs for Hill Herp this breeding season.

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