2016 Breeding Season Has Started

Most of the snakes are starting to have their first sheds after finishing brumation….that means….Breeding season has started at Hill Herp. While we do not have high expectations for the year in terms of numbers there are a few projects that we hope to get started. This year we have three pairs of snakes ready to breed: Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes, Tarahurmara Mountain Kingsnakes, and Red Milksnakes.

Of the three projects, the pair we are most interested in is the pair coupled up in the picture below. I have kept these Arizona Mountain Kings for 8 years and have never attempted to breed them before. The thought of having this pair breed and produce offspring is what reinvigorated my interest in captive reptiles after my 6 year hiatus from keeping larger numbers of snakes. Hopefully, these two will give me some nice looking offspring….and truth told….most likely I plan on keeping them all to myself.

The other two projects might be as successful due to the age of the animals. I have a nice group of Tarahumara Mountain Kingsnakes but on two of them are appropriate size for breeding. That said, the male is still on the smaller side and my be overwhelmed with pairing with a large female in his first breeding attempt. In any event, I should know how that is going to go in the next couple of days.

The red milks are somewhat in the same situation. The pair of red milks is three years old, but still on the smaller side. They are both in their first shed now, so we will just have to see what happens soon.

Best luck to everyone this breeding season!!


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