Honeymoon Herping…

“I was having a good time because you don’t get to see a black racer and zebra at the same time very often.”

My wife and I had our 10 year wedding anniversary on August 27th, so we decided to relive our honeymoon and made a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. When walking around the resort areas in Disney resorts, I have always enjoyed the relatively abundant wildlife. On previous trips, we have seen deer, rabbits, snakes, turtles, and countless brown anoles….all within the landscaped areas in and around our resorts. On this particular trip, the brown anoles were everywhere!!! I was always pointing them out and even had my wife participating….had to have seen hundreds.

This trip we were staying at Disney’s Animal kingdom lodge. One day for lunch we decided to eat at Sanaa restaurant which offers a nice view of the ‘savanna’ of zebra, giraffes and other assorted African wildlife. We are sitting there looking out the window watching zebra graze and eating a delicious Indian style bread service. Of course, I had also spotted a few brown anoles hanging around on vegetation and the building right outside the window in front our table. Then, I see movement in the grass and can instantly tell it has to be snake. I quickly tell my wife “There is a snake coming through the grass, look.” Sure enough, a medium sized black racer comes cruising along through the grass, comes near the window then follows the line of the building. Within seconds of passing us, you could hear the adjacent tables exclaim things like “Look a snake!” and begin a brief snake story or just move on to eating.

I was having a good time because you don’t get to see a black racer and a zebra at the same time very often. It was a neat experience and we went back to eating with smiles on our faces. THEN….about a minute or so later….I notice movement in the grass and can tell it is another snake. This time it is a larger black racer and I can tell it is on the hunt. I didn’t think much of it when the first one passed but there are brown anoles everywhere….this place is a racer’s heaven!! No wonder they are appearing frequently. This time, I took out my cell phone and snapped a few pictures to share. So, again we watched it pass and move on to the other windows. A minute or so later, I hear “WOW! That snake is eating a lizard” come from a few tables away…..guess the thought of this being a racer’s heaven was correct.

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