Saturday Morning Field Herping

During spring and early summer, I make like to make early morning field herping trips to Pearl River Wildlife Management Area to photograph the abundant reptiles located throughout the public property. This year I didn’t get to make as many trips as I would have liked but I did make a few enjoyable trips.

Pearl River Wildlife Management Area – May 9, 2015

This field herping trip was a rather quick trip (1.5 hours), but I did manage to come across one of my favorite local snakes. Rough green snakes are very abundant in this part of Louisiana and are a pleasure to photograph once they get into the brush.  As usual, I saw several water snakes, but only managed to get a picture of one southern water snake. Also spotted an 5-6 foot alligator and large female southeastern five-lined skink.

Pearl River Wildlife Management Area – June 28, 2015

Another quick trip. I was late getting out this morning so I didn’t see much. I always like to see eastern ribbon snakes though. I usually only find these after they have been run over by vehicles.


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